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Terri A. Margagliano(non-registered)
I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures you have taken. Some of them I have seen in person. Not are you a talented Photographer but a talented Doctor.
LaDonna Kay Edwards(non-registered)
Born and raised in Civit. In fact I still love here. Love it!
Really great page and pictures.. Thank you
Shirley Miller(non-registered)
You have a real talent for excellent photography.Not only do you document the history of Oklahoma, you also have an excellent eye for beauty. I am not a native but have lived in Oklahoma for several years. I also do some photography. Some of my favorite places to photograph are Utah and Scotland. Bless you for sharing.
Robert Rainwater(non-registered)
I enjoyed looking at the photos. My mother, who passed away in 2011, was born in Bailey, OK, in 1940. Her parents are buried at the Bailey Cemetery there.
Carolyn Caples Beck(non-registered)
Albert/Oney, Oklahoma...Small town with two names. Wonderful community and lifetime of memories. Thank you for the awesome photos. Oney School organized district 163 in 1909 and later became district #10. The last class to graduate from Oney was 1991. It was consolidated with Binger School and is now know as Binger-Oney Public School, Binger, OK.

The Oney Owls Alumni Banquet was held on April 26, 2014 at the Binger-Oney Multipurpose Bldg. and will be held again the Saturday after Easter 2016. Banquets are held every two years and includes all former students, teachers, employees, friends and family of those with an interest and love for ONEY OWLS!
Greg Ford(non-registered)
I appreciate you inviting me to see a little more of what you are up to with this project. The photos are beautiful and important before these towns go away.
Don Milner(non-registered)
Allen, Oklahoma was where I grew up with many fond memories and appreciation for its citizenery, educators and businessmen. Thank You for your appreciation of secluded or rural areas of our state and many of our small towns that are both slowly disappearing. These photos are a noble effort and tributes to these sites that many may view, even from afar, online. This is also a tribute to Mr. Allen for preserving these sites for area mankind that we can appreciate along with our descendants. Thank You.
Brad Robertson(non-registered)
These are great, love the reasons why you are doing it.
Sydney Silvey(non-registered)
This is a fun hobby! Love the website!!!!!
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